We build handcrafted truck campers with custom options tailored to you. It’s what we love. It’s what we do.

Our journey began a few years ago when we decided to take on a truck camper ‘renovation’. We’ve restored boats, motorcycles, cars, and homes, so we thought a truck camper would be fun! Well, what started out as a simple renovation turned into a complete and total rebuild (sound familiar?).

The camper was awfully heavy yet was built out of what can only be described as ‘popsicle sticks’ and aluminum skins. The foam and rubber roof had strained from the weight of the a/c unit and was leaking water into the poorly insulated (and now moldy) walls. We felt really cramped and could barely sit up in the cabover, not to mention the ‘lovely’ wallpaper finish of the walls.

We had bought the camper from a guy named Guy (yes, his name is Guy) and he had mentioned that he rarely used the refrigerator or most of the electrical components (like the TV) because “you can’t plug in at the beach and the generator is a pain in the xyz”.

Well, that got us into gear. We wanted to create a true ‘off the grid’ experience with the comforts of home like a cold refrigerator, TVs, laptops, and even CPAP machines without lugging a heavy generator or draining down traditional batteries.

With Michelle’s background in Engineering and Vicki’s in Construction (and a definite sense of adventure), we took on the challenge of designing and building a “new and improved” truck camper.

The Beach Roamer.

What sets a Beach Roamer handcrafted custom truck camper apart?

• Every Beach Roamer comes standard with a 400 watt solar charging system and 200 amp hour lithium battery. Our unique design allows us to offer unprecedented solar charging options of up to 1200 watts and 800 amp hours with a fully customized solar package.

• Innovative and patent pending roof design that creates a better center of gravity to reduce sway on uneven terrain (not to mention the highway), and eliminates unusable space.

• Strong, lightweight fiberglass composite panels that eliminate rotting wood and leaky roofs and windows.

• Space to store up to 5 standard lithium batteries without having to retrofit the layout.

• Lockable exterior storage for fishing poles (this was really important for our surf fishing friends) or other long items.

• Large fresh, grey, and black tanks.

• Customized interior to reflect your individual needs and taste so you feel “at home” every time you travel. We promise, no wallpaper.

We hope you enjoy Beach Roamer campers as much as we enjoy building them.

Happy trails,

Vicki Liston and Michelle Herishko